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    Brief introduction

      Changsha Xinghang Gear Transmission Machinery Co.Ltd is an enterprise restructured from Zhongnan Transmission Machinery Works of Changsha Aviation Industry, specialized in the design and manufacture of planetary gear reducers.

      The company possesses perfect manufacturing and testing equipment for aircraft gears as well as the abundant technical capacity and rich experience in this line. More types of products with world advanced level have been successfully developed and produced.

      The CAD technology has been introduced in this company for all the design of the products, such as the series of planetary gear reducer, operational reducer, cylindrical gear reducer, bevel Ccylindrical gear reducer, crane reducer and other kinds of reducers and speeders, spiral bevel gear, spur and helical gear etc.

      The gear reducers manufactured in this company have been widely applied to the fields of mine, metallurgy, construction, cement, petroleum, crane transportation, paper making, environmental protection, pump industry, electric power and other industries.

      The company has already passed the quality system certification of ISO9001.Having been confirmed as the new type reducer for popularization and substitution by the former ministry of machinery. Its series of planetary gear reducers won the new product certificate from the state. Besides  the transmission theory of the reducers have been awarded with the invention prize  international patent  gold prize in state and world level 。

      The corporation has a high regard for the motto of ^ Quality first  customer uppermost  ̄ .Based on the superiority performance and perfect after-sale services for its products  the company gained the trust and support from users of world wide 。

      Changsha Xinghang Gear Transmission Machinery Co. Ltd is always ready to offer best service for the friends from all over the world by its modern equipment, advanced technology and excellent workmanship.

    ADDRESS248.Middle of Guoliang Road,Wangcheng,Changsha HunanP,R.China 
    Post Code410200  Email:Sales@csxh.com

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